The Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra with its conductor Volker Hartung invites you on a journey back in time to the ‚ROARING TWENTIES‘ and their ingenious swing music
from Broadway to Berlin. They immersed themselves in the playing style and sound aesthetics of the time and play in a unique playing style the best hits of the swing era from the original arrangements. In the first half of the concert, a selection of racy foxtrots and tangos from the "Golden Twenties" - swing music at its finest - from Broadway to Berlin...
Thanks to the homeland:
Together with the well-known singers Claudia Engels, Joachim Wüst and Peter Schmitz-Hellwing, the Cologne New Philharmonic then plays music that is rarely heard today in its original version, but is known to many Rhinelanders like Christmas carols.
Willi Ostermann is the local poet and composer from Cologne par excellence.

"Kölsche Mädcher künne bütze…“,(Cologne girls can kiss well) "Heimweh nach Köln" (Homesick for Cologne), and many others are not only sung by Rhinelanders, they are already part of the repertoire of everyone who comes to the center of the German Carnival as a guest. In the original version, i.e. played by a salon orchestra based on original scores of the great local poet and folk singer.

The artistic director and conductor of the Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra, Volker Hartung, was enthusiastic about the project and rehearsed the music with his musicians and singers and they decided, like Willi Ostermann 90 years earlier, to tour to revive the Heimatlied tradition of the 1930s. Peter Schmitz-Hellwing was also enthusiastic about the project. This resulted in an extraordinary cooperation between a classical orchestra, a local patriot and seasoned carnivalists.
For the interested audience, the Cologne New Philharmonic has come up with an exciting program together with the well-known Cologne carnivalist, presenter, author and Cologne connoisseur Reinold Louis.
Volker Hartung has a lot to tell about Willi Ostermann, there is singing, music and a lot of laughter.

"The most important goal of the project is to take people on a journey through time. To the time when it was so beautiful in Cologne and on the Rhine..."
Moderator and conductor is Volker Hartung.
We promise you an unforgettable experience!

The Event:
Friday, June 3, 2022, 8 pm
Tickets are available on the Internet at: € 45,–/ 30,– / 15,– at Tel. +49. 221.2801 and at all KölnTicket shops



Volker Hartung is regarded as one of the most colorful personalities in the music scene today. His unmistakable conducting style, great musical sensitivity and skill in handling orchestras as well as soloists make his Concerts unforgettable events, which he enhances with his witty and famously entertaining announcements to the works performed. His several decades of experience as an independent manager of ensembles have taught him how to form orchestras and to make them financially and artistically viable in the face of various obstacles.

Volker Hartung is an accomplished symphonic conductor specializing in musical and artistic development of global symphonic orchestras with many years of experience impacting major musical institutions through orchestration of European classical Romantic style and sound. He is able to nurture musicians into positions that leverage their talents to maximum effect. Hartung is an organizational leader, highly capable of coordinating musicians from diverse backgrounds.

His lectures on music history and performance technique are internationally renowned. Volker Hartung assumed the position of principal conductor of the Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra after his studies with renowned Maestro Sergiu Celibidache and is today active as its Artistic Director.


Volker Hartung conducts Beethoven’s 9th Symphony in „Kölner Philharmonie“ Cologne Philharmonic Concert Hall in Germany