Recordings of Volker Hartung on Spotify & Apple Music

Dear Friends,

After a quarter century of recording legacy of my performances
with the Cologne New Philharmonic Orchestra and other
internationally renowned ensembles I am now deciding to make
the best of them available to the world and distribute them
digitally via different media platforms, before others do, some
of them even unauthorized and in dubious editions.

I do to this in order to honor the excellent performances of
many young talented artists, who once were members of our
beloved Orchestra or are still today. So I took great pains to
mention all important participants and soloists on the various
tracks, whose recording sometimes were made in the early
beginnings of the Symphonic Formation of the Cologne New
Philharmonic Orchestra/ Junge Philharmonic Köln back in 1990.

Who is interested to look into the variety of recordings from
Baroque, Classical, Romantic periods up to 20th century
masterworks, World Music, Tango and Film Music, should get
him/her accustomed to or Apple’s iTunes-music-store. There, you can choose among the JPK Musik label
and listen to the different tracks, many of them free of charge.

Several generations of young artists and virtuoso players have
spent their time with this orchestra, made it their home and
were traveling around the world. You were with me in the daily
quest for good music and unforgettable life experiences.
Many of them regard these times as the greatest periods of
their lives.

My constant struggle for and with this Orchestra was full of
drama, adventure and suspense and gave a feeling of
fulfillment and achievement few others can share.

The testimony and my greatest investment to this day are
these recordings, which will testify the amazing intensity, which
my young orchestra was providing to the composer, the public
and to myself each time it entered a great stage.

My wonderful teacher and Idol Sergiu Celibidache once said:
»records are Pancakes and should not be made«, but he allowed
them to be taped in his later years, when, fortunately, his live
concerts were recorded. Like Günter Wand, who on the peak of
his career only allowed his award-winning albums being
produced from his live recordings.
The credo of the two great conductors is also mine and so I
present to you mostly live recordings, which may be partially
less perfectly played, but are lively and incomparably more
authentic than Studio recordings, which are typically spliced
together from hundreds of different takes, which is why many
of these products seem lifeless and even cold.

The listener who is interested in a real concert experience, will
find in our recordings the exciting atmosphere which was
palpable, as we played in mostly sold out concert halls, as for
example in Hamburg's fabulous Laeisz-Hall or the beautiful
Kölner Philharmonie. Some of these recordings were made
during our annual concert throughout Europe, within the
unique acoustics of the Romanesque churches and basilicas,
which provided ideals surroundings for slow movements of
baroque music.

From now on every month new albums will appear on various
Internet platforms, and will be announced via my website or on facebook.
In order to achieve the best sonic results, they were all newly
edited and remastered from the original sources, some of them resulting in State-of-the-art 24-bit / 48 high-end albums resulting in unparalleled listening experience.
You can enjoy like me, what my sound engineer Holger Siedler
of the
THS Tonstudio Dormagen achieved in remastering them
and could gain in sonority with his golden ears, his enormous
expertise and his patience.

Volker Hartung